What is offset printing?

The name offset has been transferred to Turkish from the English word "OFF-SET" and allows printing on paper and paper-like materials up to a certain weight. Today, it is the most preferred printing system for printed products such as books, magazines, newspapers, brochures and business cards. Offset printing is the preferred method for printing daily newspapers, especially since many products can be printed at once.

One of the newest printing methods, offset printing, the image to be printed is drawn with oil-based ink on flattened limestone. After this process, the special solution applied is absorbed by the areas where the image is not included and does not penetrate the oily areas that make up the image.

Offset printing, a flatbed printing method, uses hand-made or manufactured molds. Although the cost of ready-made molds is slightly higher, the quality is higher than that of handmade molds. In other words, choosing a die made for offset printing ensures a better quality print.

The offset printing method is based on the flat printing offset method in the production process. The image is transferred over flat metal onto an offset shaft made of special high-quality rubber. Then that image is transferred to the paper on the shaft. Offset machines are able to execute order details and half tones very accurately. The basis of a full-color image is four colors - yellow, blue, violet and black. It is not possible to change the layout during printing, since the forms are used in printing. In this regard, all details must be clarified and confirmed before the order is sent to the printing house for printing. Offset machines are able to execute order details and half tones very accurately. The basis of a full-color image is four colors - yellow, blue, violet and black.

Uv printing U.V (ultraviolet) printing is a new printing technology that has appeared recently. This technology is considered to be very long-lasting and high-quality compared to digital printing. One of the main advantages is that it is possible to print on any object through UV printing, regardless of the material. Similar sublimation printers are very popular and widely used today. However, when sublimation is printed, sublimation technologies are not used on any type of material like UV printing equipment, only sublimation color transfer. it is possible to print on receptive materials. In addition, UV print is of better quality and lasts longer. .

What are the differences between offset printing and other printing?

Differences between digital printing and offset printing

Digital printing is a type of printing in which the paint is in direct contact with the surface and does not require pre-printing forms (cliché). Today, digital printing is the most cost-effective printing method in the price category.

Digital offset printing is the two most commonly used methods for commercial printing projects. Although they produce similar results, the two methods are quite different and best suited for different project requirements. Digital printing is a printing process where toner sits on top of a sheet of paper instead of being absorbed. The printing process uses a combination of blue, magenta, yellow and black dots to create an image. This is usually used for short jobs using a laser or inkjet printer.


What are the working principles of offset printing?

If we look at the stages of offset printing, there are 2 different types of offset printing depending on the type of paper used:
– roll-shaped;
– sheet-like.
The first type of printing is used for high-volume printing on special roll papers. Newspapers, magazines, notepads and diaries are prepared by this method. Roll printing is the cheapest type of offset printing.
The second type of printing is used in the preparation of various products of medium circulation. Ordering offset printing goes through 4 stages:
1. Preparation of the print form. This stage is the most painstaking and time-consuming stage. Modern technological equipment allows this stage to be carried out in a shorter time. This process happens like this – The mock-up file is sent to the printing equipment through a special RIP program, and the equipment prepares a color mock-up of the order on an aluminum sheet.
2. Printing. The speed of modern offset printing equipment can reach 10,000 prints per hour. It should be noted that double-sided printing is not possible with offset equipment. Therefore, when preparing such orders, first one side is printed and then the second side is printed.
3. Drying of paint and product.
4. Other polygraphic works. (folding, folding, lamination, embossing). 

According to the areas of use, in which sectors is offset printing preferred?

Offset printing of books and magazines

Offset printing is divided into two main areas. These are sheet offset printing and web offset printing.

Sheet offset printing: As the name suggests, it is a type of offset printing in which sheet papers are used as printing material. There are options that can print in sizes from 25×35 cm to 70×100 cm. Newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Suitable for printing. Two, four, five, six, eight, ten, twelve color printing machine options are available.
Web Offset Printing: It is a type of offset printing in which coil papers are used. It is a type of printing with high speed and low cost compared to sheet offset. in letterpress printing.is used in newspaper and magazine printing.


Ofset çap, mürəkkəbin rezin örtüyə və sonra çap səthinə köçürülməsini əhatə edən ənənəvi çap üsuludur. Xüsusilə böyük çap həcmləri üçün yüksək keyfiyyətli çap nəticələri ilə tanınır. Ofset çap nümunələrinə uyğun broşürlər, buklet, qovluq, liflet, falyer, firma blankı, ofset çap lövhələri, kataloqlar və vizit kartları kimi materialların istehsalı üçün idealdır.


To use offset printing ink types in offset technology, it is necessary to apply one layer of ink and create an individual printing form (cliché).

Offset printing is mainly used for printing on paper-based materials. Printing on plastic films has many limitations. Sheet offset presses can change the printing format and are more flexible. At present, the printing format of most web offset presses is fixed. Its application is limited. With the development of technology, web offset presses are also constantly improving. Now it has successfully developed a web offset press that can change the printing format.

Preference for offset printing in Advertising and Promotional materials

The most important thing in trading is to remember. This is what brochures, flyers, business cards and other advertising products are for. Stickers advertise the company like other advertising tools, but they differ from them in some ways. While other advertising products display information about campaigns or services, the goal of sticker printing is to keep the brand in mind and easily accessible when needed. Sticker printing ensures that you are regularly in front of the eyes and in the corner of the mind of your customer, but also a quality brand that instills a sense of trust. provides image creation. As important as the quality of the product or service, the quality of the advertising media is as important as the quality of the advertising media that conveys memorability and trust. With stickers reflecting your company's logo, name, information or slogan, it always reminds the customer of you, and after a while, it ensures that they gain confidence in their memories. Sticker printing is mainly done with glossy (offset) papers. They are preferred over normal papers as they are a notch more durable and better reflect the visual design. But still, spoilage in outdoor areas is inevitable.

Use of Offset Printing in the Packaging Industry

Offset printing also has an advantage in the packaging industry. Any type of design, color, size, besides being attractive in this field, provides the aesthetic pleasure of the customers. Therefore, the osfet printing method also creates the ability to directly attract the customer and make more sales.


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