Selling and Making Gift Boxes

Selling and making gift boxes can be one of the creative and successful business ideas. To succeed in this field, you can consider the following tips:

  1. Defining the Goal and Target:
  • Who do you plan to offer your gift boxes to and why? (independent companies, wedding events, birthday parties, etc.)
  •  Group your engagement and present special gift boxes for each one with unique and attractive designs.
  1. Creative Design and Choice of Materials:
  • The visual appeal of your gift boxes is very important. Choose boxes with aesthetic and beautiful design.
  • The use of quality and transparent materials in the selection of materials will give your customers a reliable and natural feeling.
  1. Executive Evaluation:
  • Determine the estimate by considering factors such as the size of the boxes, the quality of the material, and the degree of workmanship.
  • Offer customers a variety of ratings to choose from.
  1.  Use of Internet Platforms:
  •  Opening a store on online sales platforms and using social media platforms will be important to reach the widest possible customer base.
  1.  Worry Free Shipping & Services:
  • Achieve timely and safe delivery of gift boxes.
  •  Offer custom packaging and box design services to your customers.
  1. Excellent Customer Service:
  • Provide excellent customer service to answer your customers' questions and requests.
  • Accurately manage returns and value customer interest.
  1.  Advertising and Promotion:
  • Organize advertising campaigns through social media, banner ads, and influencers.
  •  Organize discounts and campaigns for special days and events.
  1. News and Trends Guide:
  • Follow trends based on art and fashion and succeed in anticipating customer expectations.

The gift box business is an independent and interesting field, but offering quality products and good service play an important role in achieving success.

What Are Gift Boxes?

Gift boxes, mainly New Year's gift boxes , is the name given to beautiful and aesthetic boxes made for people's independent initiatives, honorable events and congratulations. These boxes can contain gifts, greetings, expressions of mutual love and other personal contents. Gift boxes can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, and can be custom-made for almost any theme or event.

These boxes are offered in a wide spectrum and are used for different purposes. From workplace organizations to weddings, birthday parties, and other special events, custom-made gift boxes are available for any occasion or occasion.

The contents of gift boxes can vary. It varies depending on the purpose of the gift box, the customer's requirements and the specifics of the event. It can contain various gifts, greeting cards, small trinkets and candlesticks, a number of beautiful and interesting things in the box.

Gift boxes are products that are appreciated as an aesthetic and romantic way of presenting gifts. Creative and innovative designs in this field are important to capture the interest of their customers and create a distinct awareness in private events.

What are Gift Wraps?

Gift packagesare packages made similar to gift boxes and used to present gifts in a beautiful and attractive way. These packages are made of aesthetic and natural materials that surround the gifts and package them in a beautiful and interesting way.

Gift wraps help to personalize the presentation process and achieve a beautiful greeting rather than just putting the gifts in a box. The materials and designs used vary depending on the theme and event.

Gift packages vary in terms of aesthetic design and strength. Gift packages help to increase the joy of the other party by making the gift presentation more special and interesting. These packages help express the gift giving process in a more creative and personal way.

How to Make Gift Packages and Gift Boxes?

You can follow the steps below to make gift wraps and gift boxes:

Prepare Gift Packages:

  1. Select Materials:
  •  Choose beautiful and natural materials. These may include green paper, tissue paper, satin fabric, and colored paper.
  1.  Measure and Cut Packages:
  •  Cut the packages in the sizes you choose from the material needed to put the gift.
  1. Putting Material and Nicely Packing:
  • Wrap the material flat and tightly around the gift and cover the bottom and top of the package.
  • Adjust the corners properly and beautifully and decorate with additional ribbon, diamonds or trinkets.
  1. Add Small Details:
  • Add small details to show your attitude and purpose to the person in front of you. Flowers, cards or candlesticks are examples of these details.
  1.  Aesthetic and Innovative Design:
  • Add a creative and aesthetic design to your package. Be careful to choose colors and materials that match each other.

Making Gift Boxes:

  1.  Select Box Material:
  •  Choose a nice and sturdy material. Cardboard and glass material can be one of the common options.
  1.  Set the Size and Shape of the Box:
  • Determine the size and shape of the box according to the size and shape of the gift.
  1.  Cut and Bend the Box:
  •  Cut the material of your choice to the appropriate dimensions and fold the box. Be sure to fold and glue the sides of the peninsula correctly.
  1.  Add Aesthetic Design to the Interior:
  •  Add a beautiful and aesthetic design to the inside of the box. This adds an extra visual touch when the gift will also appear inside the box.
  1.  Close the Box in a Beautiful Picture:
  •  You can seal or tape the box. It is important that you do this intensively and effectively.
  1.  Add Unexpected and Innovative Details to the User:
  • Add future details that the user might not expect or find interesting. These details make the gift look extra and special.


How to Order a Gift Box

To order a gift box, you can follow these tips:

  1. Order from Online Stores:
  • There are many online stores that provide gift boxes. You can easily book by browsing the internet and comparing different offers.
  1.  Store Visit:
  •  Visit local gift shops and promotional stores to view the product assortment live. That's why it can be useful to find store addresses or get recommendations from friends and family members.
  1. Choosing Gift Boxes Features:
  • When ordering, choose the box size, design, material and additional details. These details help to tailor the gift to customer requirements and the specifics of the event.
  1.  Communicating Your Special Requirements:
  •   If you have special requirements and wishes, it is important that you inform the seller about this. For example, if you want to add your company's logo or custom text to the gift box, you should state this request.
  1. Negotiating Price and Payment Terms:
  • Be sure to get clear information on prices, shipping fees and payment terms when ordering and agree.
  1.   Analyze Reviews and Suggestions:
  •   Before ordering from online stores, analyze customer reviews and offers. It helps to learn customer experiences and evaluate the quality of gift box provision.
  1.  Read and Accept the Agreement:
  •  When placing an order, please read the seller's terms and conditions and contact the seller if you have any other questions.

Here's what you need to consider in order to succeed in gift box sales:

  1.   Badge Selection:
  •  Decide who you plan to offer your gift boxes to and for what purpose. Providing a box that matches your customer brand can make your business successful.
  1.  Material and Design Choice:
  • Gift box sale
  • The quality of the material and the aesthetics of the design are important to attract the attention of customers. A beautiful and natural material choice and beautiful design can lead to increased interest from the customer.
  1. Pricing and Packaging Services:
  •  Offer customers a variety of pricing and packaging options. Additionally, offer your customers special pricing and special packaging services.
  1.  Using Online Platforms:
  • You can reach a wider audience of customers by opening an online store on online sales platforms and social media.
  1. Creative and Innovative Proposals:
  • Come up with creative and innovative suggestions for gift boxes. Art, trendy designs and customized offers can increase your customer base.
  1.  Customer Service and Feedback:
  •  Provide excellent customer service and focus on your customers' feedback. Improve your business by responding to customer requests and keeping feedback in mind.
  1. Worry Free Delivery Service:
  • Encourage yourself to deliver gift boxes to your customers in a hassle-free manner. The delivery process is very important to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.
  1. Sales and Advertising Campaigns:
  • Organize sales and advertising campaigns to infect customers and attract new customers. Special days, seasonal discounts, etc.
  1. A Guide to Trends:
  • Follow trends based on art and fashion and meet customer expectations.

Being creative and innovative are important factors in gift box sales to meet customer requirements and fashion trends. Customer satisfaction and offering quality products are the foundation of long-term success.

Cardboard Gift Box and Gift Package Production


To succeed in the gift box and gift wrapping business, it is important to follow some steps to build a strong brand and a well-known name among consumers.


In our company, gift boxes are made in several varieties. We will try to give you complete information about them.

Cardboard box production

Gift box preparation, gift box sale price, gift box sale in Baku is mainly made in Kartpak.


In the production of cardboard boxes, double, triple and five-layer corrugated cardboard is used. Our factory produces ordinary and waterproof cardboard boxes. Usually, ordinary boxes are ordered only for transportation, water boxes are ordered for presentation purposes. In the process of making such boxes, Bristol or Chromerzas papers are plastered on E, B or EB corrugated cardboard sheets. From watering cans to shoes, spare parts, cosmetics, food, textiles, etc. used in sectors where brand recognition is preferred. The weight of the paper plastered on the cardboard varies from 180 to 400 grams.


Paper packaging

Paper packaging can be in the form of boxes and packages. Papers such as Bristol and Chromerzas are used during production. Boxes made of Bristol or chrome papers are an ideal choice for small-sized products. Boxes made of high weight paper are more rigid and durable. Cosmetics, food, textiles, etc. are used in this type of packaging. sectors are used.


"Kartpak", which has been engaged in this business for years, provides consumers with high-quality, distinctive and durable products. You can link to our website for more information, price of gift boxes and order,gift box preparation, gift box sale, gift box sale price, gift box sale inBaku




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