The Importance of Rigid Boxes: Ensuring Your Product's Safety

Hard box production is the most ideal offer for gift and corporate presentation. Rigid boxes are one of the most sought-after categories of packaging boxes. Almost all luxury brands use Rigid packaging for their expensive and elegant items. Rigid box packaging is known for its durability, reliability, strength and solid construction. For special rigid boxes, these dielectrics give the boxes their structure. focuses on the wrapping paper applied to the outside of the heavy DSP (grey panel). These rigid inner boxes are paper lined to maintain a uniform appearance throughout the opening experience.

Printing packaging or printing companies mainly provide advertising products. Various types of packaging products are produced and sold in Azerbaijan. Including:


With logo on it;


Kraft type

Paper (chalk)

During production, emblems, labels, stencil printing, UV printing, logos and other brand-oriented elements can be printed on each box. The price of the boxes depends on several factors:


Total order number

From the selected material and the type of logo that will be on it


Note that depending on the selected materials, UV, laser engraving, offset printing, etc. will be applied to the box. is shot.



Hard Case Materials: What Matters and What to Use

Packaging boxes are microcorrugated, cardboard, bristol, etc. made of such materials.

The production cost of the boxes, which have a unique look and shape, depends on the designer's time spent, the type of cliché and the complexity of the knife used.

The best advantage of luxury hard boxes is that they can be easily customized. You can print anything from logos to brand names to silhouettes of your brand image. These luxury hard boxes can accommodate every aspect of the printing industry. Some of the highlights and advantages of luxury hard boxes are: Color printing available, Embossing, stamping etc. Regardless of the field of use (customization on all possible faces) Rigid box delivery and assembly method fully or partially assembled. Available in all shapes and styles imaginable
Customizable premium finish. He's got tapes and stuff. can be decorated with accessories such as They are an excellent solution for presenting high-quality products and giving packaging a neat look. Brands can use Luxury Hard Boxes to display and package jewelry, perfumes, watches, clothing, chocolates, gifts and other luxury goods. In addition, boxes made of special plywood, mdf and wood are also available. These types of boxes are used for sweets, tea, alcoholic beverages and cigars. These materials are eco-friendly and can be engraved with brand and logo by UV printing and laser engraving.

Rigid Boxes and Safe Shipping: Transporting Your Product Safely

Secured with safety standards, Custom Hard Boxes offer all possible freedom to create custom packaging. From closure to insert parts to internal support and mounting options, you get the freedom to customize every aspect. Custom Printed Hard Boxes have great advantages as a packaging solution, including so every brand prefers to use these special printed boxes. However, they are a luxury that few people can afford. These special hard boxes provide great protection and safety. Your product stays safe while in these boxes.

Hard box packaging is essential for gifts that require product protection. If the presented gifts are elegant, handmade, but still require special protection, hard boxes are necessary both for an interesting and tasteful presentation and for safety. Note that all deluxe hard cases are derivatives of pre-cut cases.

Use of Innovative Technologies in Hard Box Production

Innovative technologies bring innovation and advantage to our lives every day. Now every time we see a newer and different presentation. In the world of advertising, its importance is special. The product presented by the brand increases the level of the brand depending on the presentation. Of course, the main work in this work is done by the provided means, that is, packaging. For example, if you are in the world of advertising and it is important for you to present your brand in a more pleasant way, you should know these things. First, define what design your brand can be and fit it into the boxes.

As in any field, quality is a consideration in cardboard boxes. If you want to produce quality cardboard boxes, it pays to pay special attention to six key elements: weight, thickness, gloss, stiffness, roughness, and opacity. Now let's take a closer look at all these elements. If we look at the dictionary meaning of gram, we will come across such a definition: the weight of 1 square meter of paper in grams. For cardboard boxes, the importance of weight is determined by durability. Because the weight of paper is 10-150 grams, and the weight of cardboard is 150-400 grams. Therefore, cardboard is more durable than paper because it can carry more loads. Cartons are defined as cartons weighing 600 grams or more. The thickness of the box is the distance between the two surfaces of the cardboard sheet and is calculated in thousandths of a millimeter. Where you see the "μm" symbol, you can understand that the thickness is indicated. For example, the thickness of the material used in most cardboard packaging is between 300 and 800 μm. Stiffness is also one of the most important properties of cardboard. Demand for cardboard stiffness is expected throughout the chain, from the store shelf to the consumer. Without rigidity, cardboard cannot perform its main function, which is to protect the contents of the package. Opacity is a measure of the ability of a sheet of cardboard to hide an object behind it and is expressed as a percentage. The higher the opacity percentage of the cardboard, the lower its transparency. For example, it is impossible to see through a cardboard sheet with 100% opacity level. The degree of opacity depends on how well light is scattered and absorbed by the cardboard box.


Let's recognize a few important styles in rigid packaging solutions. Hard Box With Magnetic Lid What is the trend of e-commerce packaging? This is a hard box with a magnetic closure lid. Sophisticated design with exquisitely designed hard box packaging offers customers a world experience. The elegant luxury hard case with magnetic closure is a must-have for any business dealing with an elite clientele. You can have it matte or glossy, with your company logo embossed on the front and top or hot stamped, more classic with your choice of colors. Collapsible hard magnetic boxes or folding magnetic boxes are more popular today. They are less expensive than a hard case with a magnetic closure. A lot can be saved by switching to skippable magnetic boxes as a corporation.

Offset printing machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic die cutting machine, automatic gift box production line, automatic corrugated box production line equipment are used in the production of this type of rigid box. 

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