What is UV Printing Technique?

What is UV printing? U.V (ultraviolet) printing is a new printing technology that appeared recently. This technology is considered to be very long-lasting and high-quality compared to digital printing. One of its main advantages is that it is possible to print on any object through UV printing, regardless of the material. A similar sublimation printer is very popular and widely used today. However, when sublimation is printed, sublimation technologies are not used on any type of material like UV printing equipment, only sublimation color transfer. it is possible to print on receptive materials. In addition, the UV printing table and UV print are of better quality and longer life.

How Does UV Printing Technology Work?

UV printing technology is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light to cure or cure the ink after it is printed. When the printer distributes the ink onto the surface of the material (called a "substrate"), specially designed UV lights instantly cure or dry the ink. UV light applications designed to quickly dry varnishes quickly spread to industrial and commercial markets. Because UV lights instantly cure any printing ink, wet ink dots don't have a chance to spread after printing, resulting in finer details.

UV treatment was first applied to industrial production in the 1960s, especially good for treating the surface coating of wood. After that, the United States first applied UV to flatbed printing and had good effects. Then this technology gradually spread to England and other countries. UV curing technology has already been applied to various printing methods and adapted to all kinds of modes, such as relief block, flexo, lithography plate, screen printing plate, and replaces many outdated traditional printing methods, saving human resources and material resources.

The color of the image printed by the UV Printer, which is considered a UV printing machine, is satisfactory, very bright, has a good visual effect and is fresher than the old mode printing method.
The UV printing method can print on the surface of all kinds of materials with UV ink, expanding the application range of the UV printing machine. Now it is already used in paper, cardboard, plastic cement, road network, PVC, PE, etc. It has a good market share and continuously expands its sales range and expands the fields of application.
UV Printer can quickly cure and dry the printed design. It greatly improves the working efficiency, increases the production, shortens the working time. You can also save the cost and use the ink.
UV Printer will harden and dry quickly after the printing design is completed. The color does not fade easily and does not need spray powder and other dryer, the design is protected from damage.
There are no pollutants in the production of the UV Printer, it is environmentally friendly and the UV ink has no effect on the body. In short, the UV digital printing machine is able to provide the product you want.

What are the advantages of UV Printing for Printing Houses and Companies?

Design, color originality, uniqueness and most importantly, the ability to realize any print on different products is created by uv printing.


Where is UV printing used?

UV printing is an excellent technique that makes an impact with different designs. It is efficient and environmentally friendly, ensuring that the planet is not harmed in any way during UV printing. UV printing is also known as UV flatbed printing. There is no other printing method that makes printing on large surfaces so easy. With a UV printer, you place the material you want to be printed on the flat surface of the printer. UV printing is done with a special UV ink. When a design or artwork is printed on a surface , UV light is used to cure the ink and instantly dry the print.

UV printing is one of the most popular and used methods for getting quick results. There is no delay in waiting for the print to dry. The curing of the ink makes it permanent and durable. UV printing gives you results that look visually stunning and can be intricate and detailed. UV its prints can resist abrasions and scratches, and you don't have to worry about designs fading or disappearing.

UV printing can be used on a wide range of materials. This process can be used in a variety of industries and businesses. Some materials that can be used for UV printing include:

  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Cardboard
  • Wood


Uv printing laser and uv led printing have many advantages. For example:
1. LEDs have minimal heat output. Heat sensitive substrates can be printed safely and reliably with quality results.
2. This treatment process is less environmentally friendly because it produces less VOC, odor and heat. Heat, ozone and mercury are removed from the press room, making it safer and better for the environment.

Advertising and promotional materials

Uv printing examples are numerous in letterpress printing.Products can be displayed on any items, especially for advertising. For example, one of them is paper bags. One of the most important promotional products for creating a corporate style, especially for stores, is the Paper Bag. Your logo, address and contact details can be printed on the paper bag. Flag printing is mainly placed on the table in such companies as travel, truzim, etc. National flags are sold in stores. But the company can reflect its logo and style on the product with UV printing technology. Nowadays, instead of CD/DVD disks, USB Memory Cards are used to exchange files. Company information can be printed on memory cards, which can support the company's prestige. Or there is a sample of printing on a pen, which is printed on 1-color and multi-color promo pens of different shapes. Printing is done by UV printing method.

Art and decorative items

UV printing can be done on a wide variety of materials, so it has allowed many businesses to expand their product offerings and increase their business and sales. Personalization and customization has become a massive trend worldwide, and UV printing allows businesses to offer this to their customers.

UV printing can be used to create home decor, clothing, merchandise, toys, and can even be used to print on cars. The use of UV printing has grown exponentially over the years and continues to grow.

UV printing is a printing method with many advantages. It is one of the most useful and productive methods of printing. Since you can use almost any material for UV printing, your options are endless. You can be in any industry or business and UV printing can provide the solutions you need. As long as you can fit the material into the UV Flatbed printer, you can print your design. 

Industrial Applications

Uv digital printing machine is used in many fields. uv printing on leather Leather furniture and accessories are an invariable attribute of a status, rich and respectable interior. If earlier these things were covered only with natural leather and were very expensive, now leather substitutes are more often chosen for this purpose, they are cheaper. High-quality leather clothing is indistinguishable from genuine leather and is more comfortable in daily use. With the help of UV printers, you can decorate any surface made of leather and leather, even with dark colors. It allows printing images with UV ink, stylizing leather furniture for the home, branding office furniture, creating tight-fitting car seats and armrests in leather. This is true for hotels, clubs, restaurants and other similar establishments.

What are the products that use UV Printing Technology in their production?

  • UV printing on plastic.
  • UV printing on glass.
  • UV printing on film, paper, banner
  • UV printing on fabric.
  • UV print on canvas.
  • UV printing on leather and leather.
  • UV printing on carpet.


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