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There are topics that we never think about and we consider it unimportant to think about.  But there comes a point when we need to be informed about the topics we don't want to think about.  The sale of corporate cardboard boxes and  cardboard boxes is also one of these topics. 

First, let's talk about cardboard box production. The first production of cardboard boxes dates back to the 1870s.  But these were simple boxes and primitively made.  The first box package production in the industry dates back to 1896.  An international biscuit company uses cardboard packages in food for the first time that year.

How are cardboard boxes made?

The manufacture of cardboard boxes mainly includes various production processes and technologies.  Below are the main stages of  making cardboard boxes:

Selection of material: The main material for making cardboard boxes is cardboard.  Cardboard is a flat thickened paper with a special housing.  Cardboard material should be selected according to the type of different products and the purpose of use.

Material preparation: Cardboard sheets are cut to certain sizes and thicknesses.  Then it is brought to the required format and the necessary parts are cut.  This process is carried out with equipment and machines

Assembling and gluing: Cardboard boxes are joined together with pre-made parts and adhesives.  hen doing this, it is important to properly connect  and stabilize the boxes.

Design and additional elements: Company logos, information, follow-up information or  other visual elements are added to the cardboard boxes,  if required.

Further processes: Depending on the user's requirements, QR codes,  special effects (for example, lamination, embossing, etc.) or other  additional works can be carried out on the boxes.

Testing and control: The most important thing to consider is that the quality and functional characteristics of the manufactured cardboard  boxes should be correct  For this, tests are carried out on samples and appropriate analysis processes are applied.

Handling and storage: After the cartons are prepared, they should be stored under suitable conditions and prepared for  delivery to the customers to be supplied.

The process of making cardboard boxes can vary according to the characteristics of the cardboard, the purpose of use,  the type of product and the production processes of various companies.  Along with technological developments,  the carton making process has also become more efficient and automated.

The cardboard product formed by combining three layers has greater strength than each layer alone.  In addition, the fact that it consists of an end-to-end corrugation gives  the cardboard rigidity and durability.

The possibility of air circulation between the waves of the cardboard   plays the role of protection against temperature changes. Papers used in cardboard production;  Papers obtained from wood, straw and similar plants,  once processed papers (waste papers) and also different amounts of fiber,  water, additives and paper processing methods are used.

Types of corporate cardboard boxes

There are many types of corporate cardboard boxes: packaging boxes,  corrugated cardboard boxes, cake boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, gift  packages, food sweets boxes, special baklava boxes, as well as cake  stands, spices, chocolate boxes, flower boxes and. etc. 

Whether in the food or non-food sector, cardboard boxes are essential  for both presentation and packaging. In addition, each company can write a phrase or motto that is important for the company in addition to  the logo on the packaging.  This detail makes them more special in business. 

The main features of corporate cardboard boxes are as follows:

Design and logos: Corporate cardboard boxes are designed according to company logos,  images and text. It helps in presenting and  promoting the brand image of the company.

Colors: Corporate colors are used on cartons according to company color codes.  This further strengthens the corporate identity of the company.

Types and forms: The type and form of corporate cardboard boxes are selected according to the company's requirements.  Simple boxes, gift boxes, greeting boxes, etc. are examples of corporate cardboard boxes.

Product types: Corporate cartons are designed to fit the company's products and publishing material.  It helps in presenting corporate  identity and greeting messages to clients and business partners.

Corporate cartons are customized according to the company's field of  activity, products and corporate identity. These boxes are used by the  company to present its products, gifts and corporate materials in a more transparent and distinctive way. In addition, corporate cardboard  boxes are used to express the company's attention and appreciation toits customers and business partners.

Why do you need special packaging? How does this affect business?

Corporate cardboard boxes - packaging means a  different presentation in the business field and increases the interest of the product.  Of course, the first impression of the presented product is the tasteful packaging.  For this reason, special designs and packaging are important to attract the customer's attention,  emphasize their uniqueness, make it look neat, and make the customer feel the value.

How are cardboard boxes made and how are cardboard boxes sold?

Before the box models are produced, the general structure of the box is After this stage, box printing, box lamination and box cutting operations are performed.  It is then folded into a box.  Internal dividers can be added to the boxes if required at this stage.  During the sale of cardboard boxes, the company applies to the factory directly or through an intermediary.  At this time, the number of orders, product, paper quality, etc. factors are taken into account

Cardboard box order prices

Cardboard box order prices can vary depending on many factors.  Key factors that determine price include:

Dimensions and quantity: The size, height, width and height of the  cardboard boxes are the main factors that determine the price. Larger or custom-sized boxes are usually more expensive.or custom-sized boxes are usually more expensive.

Material type and quality: The type and quality of the cardboard material is another important factor that determines the price.  A better quality cardboard material makes the box more robust,  but can be correspondingly more expensive.

Design and additional elements: Any design and additional elements (logos, images, QR codes, etc.)  determine the price of the cartons.

Valuation method: Cardboard box ordering companies may use  different valuation methods.  Some may offer a fixed price based on dimensions and material,  while others offer different prices based on order quantity and customer requirements.

Approval and delivery time: Approval and delivery time are also factors that determine the price.  Urgent requests or quick delivery requests may increase the total price.

Prices may vary for each order and it is recommended that you check  with your cardboard box company and suppliers. It is important to get  quotes from different companies and compare their prices to get the  best price. This will help in providing suitable and affordable cardboard boxes for you.

Azerbaijan has already advanced enough in the production of cardboard boxes.  Many companies are already using this platform. Among them, there are two factories that differ in a wider range and presentation: AKQQF  (Azerbaijan Cardboard Box and Packaging Factory) and Kartpak factories.   Not only these, but now there are other factories that are engaged in a wide range of  corporate carton box manufacturing and carton box sales.

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