Cardboard box production

 In the production of cardboard boxes, double, triple and five-layer corrugated cardboard is used. Our factory produces ordinary and waterproof cardboard boxes. Usually, ordinary boxes are ordered only for transportation, water boxes are ordered for presentation purposes. In the process of making such boxes, Bristol or Chromerzas papers are plastered on E, B or EB corrugated cardboard sheets. From watering cans to shoes, spare parts, cosmetics, food, textiles, etc. used in sectors where brand recognition is preferred. The weight of the paper plastered on the cardboard varies from 180 to 400 grams.

Paper packaging

Paper packaging can be in the form of boxes and packages. Papers such as Bristol and Chromerzas are used during production. Boxes made of Bristol or chrome papers are an ideal choice for small-sized products. Boxes made of high weight paper are more rigid and durable. Cosmetics, food, textiles, etc. are used in this type of packaging. sectors are used.

Hard box production

In the production of hard boxes - compacted cardboard (book cover material), glossy or decor paper, vinyl with a special design is used, the thickness of which is on average from 1 mm to 3 mm. Such boxes are mainly preferred for packing premium products, gifts and promotional materials.

Design and mock-up

 Our team gets information about the customer's wishes regarding the product and packaging, and if necessary, makes additional suggestions. After our designers have prepared the graphic and technical design and model of the product, the final design is agreed with the client.

Printing packaging

Our company also carries out offset printing with a maximum size of 700x1000 mm. In-house offset printing is one of the main factors that determine the more prompt preparation of packaging. 

Lamination and varnish

Lamination and varnish are used to make boxes and packages more durable and attractive. Lamination gives the outer surface of the box a glossy or matte effect. In addition, baklava, sweets, pastries, etc. The mother-of-pearl or ordinary lamination applied to the inner surface of candy boxes prevents food oils from entering the box. We can also increase the brightness of the packaging and make it more attractive by means of protective and UV varnish. Also, it is possible to give a special look to the box by embossing a certain part or logo through the use of varnish.

Gold and silver print

 Gold, silver, black, red etc. to make the packaging shiny or attractive. foils of different colors are used.